First Online Balkan Debating Championship

Do you want to become a public speaking Jedi Master? Then say yes to our invitation be part of the First Online Balkan Debating Championship, hosted by JCI Romania.

We believe that every person needs to improve his presentation and critical thinking skills and that’s what the debating championship experience is all about.

To prepare you for the debates, we’re planning four training courses, between 20 – 29th of April. Through these trainings you will get the opportunity to learn and prepare for the championship.

Trainings schedule:
April, 20 – Debate introduction;
April, 22 – Storytelling by Speakings;
April, 26 – Argumentation errors in debate;
April, 29 – Practical training.

The trainings will be also LIVE on our Facebook page starting with 7:00 PM, EET.

The Debating Championship will be held between 3 – 26th of May. The Championship is opened for JCI members from Balkan countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey, Romania and Moldova. Each country can have a maximum of 2 teams. A team has three team members: team captain, 1st speaker and 2nd speaker.

Registration is opened until the 19th of April.

Join us today and register here:

You can register individual or as a team. If you don’t have a team, we will allocate you after closing the registration.

Be bold and be there!