The SHARE Federation Cluj-Napoca was created with the purpose of investing in the youth for a sustainable and responsible urban development and also for supporting the youth communities of Cluj-Napoca by implementing the Cluj-Napoca 2015 – European Youth Capital program, by helping them organise different programs or projects.

JCI Active Citizens Cluj is a member of the SHARE FEDERATION Cluj Napoca.

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Capital in 2015, a title won during a competition open to 49 countries in the European space. For 2015, cities from 12 countries entered the competition.

MISSIONS AND OBJECTIVES The program’s mission is to support youngsters and youth organizations in their active participation in changing the society through a sustainable, responsible and inclusive urban development process. Through sharing space, culture, power, work, joy, faith, vision and common European values, by approaching topics like youth responsibility and structured dialogue during one year program in Cluj-Napoca.

Through this program, we are following: • To involve the local community in youth projects and youth activities • To become a major European centre for events, appointments and conferences • To involve yougsters and youth organizations in the urban development process • To increase the sustainable cooperation between local, national and European organizations • To increase the level of European’s awareness about Cluj-Napoca and Transylvania • To include Cluj-Napoca in the European network regarding the youth sector • To create lasting partnerships between local authorities, youth NGOs and other institutions with responsibilities in the youth sector • To create lasting screening mechanisms and better career opportunities for talented youngsters • To create the necessary conditions to sustain innovation and creative ideas • To create lasting financial mechanisms for projects and youth structures

Who will manage the program and the title? The title was given by the European Youth Forum to the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca. SHARE Cluj-Napoca Federation received the responsibility to implement the project. This way, a public-private partnership was formed.

What do we want to accomplish We will consider the program a success, if:

In numbers: • 50% of the total local population participates in at least one event that will take place in Cluj-Napoca 2015 European Youth Capital (200.000 local unique participants, 1.000.000 local participants) • The number of tourists will increase with 20% in 2015 and with 23% in 2016-2018 • 80% of the population under 35 will participate in at least one event or project that will take place in Cluj-Napoca 2015 European Youth Capital • The number of foreign participants to projects or NGOs events will increase with 150% and at least 25.000 unique foreign participants will take part in at least one event from Cluj-Napoca 2015 European Youth Capital • 2.000 volunteers are involved in the European Youth Capital and are part of Cluj-Napoca’s group of volunteers • 75 startups (NGOs, new companies) are formed with the program’s support • Youngsters funding at municipality level increases with 150%, in the context of European Youth Capital • All funds for youth available in the NGO sector from different sources increases with 100% following European Youth Capital in Cluj-Napoca • One good case practice is created in order to implement programs carried on during the whole year in Cluj-Napoca • One new priority on policies and activities in the youth field is created in the General Development Plan for Cluj-Napoca in 2014-2020.

Carried on: • Cluj-Napoca’s image in Europe is improved, Cluj-Napoca is becoming a constant element in the mental map of European youth • Lasting mechanisms are created in various activity sectors • A standard in managing big projects is created during this process • Local community participation is intensified in the town’s life through youngster’s power • Public spaces are reinvented • European models adapt and apply local specificities • Youth becomes horizontal priority during in each development process of the city

MOTTO: SHARE Definition: verb to share: 1. To have or to use something at the same time as someone else. 2. To share food, money, stuff etc and offer a part of them to someone else. 3. If one or more persons share the same activity, each of them realizes a part of that activity. 4. If 2 or more persons or things share the same feeling, a quality or an experience, both or all have the same feeling, quality or experience. 5. To tell someone else about your thoughts, feelings or ideas. The noun SHARING: part, part of a business: 1. A part of something that was shared to many people that is part or needs to be realized by a certain person. 2. One of the equal parts in which the ownership of a company is divided and can be bought by the other members

The basic principle, message and concept SHARE tells about: • SHARING Cluj-Napoca – space, culture, labor, power, happiness, vision, in one responsible way, including the region ofTransylvania • Europe enjoys a lot of valuable experiences in Cluj-Napoca • Cluj-Napoca assumes a high quota in building Europe • Youngsters share participation, development, networking, vision, partnerships, creativity which adds value to Cluj-Napoca’s image

STRATEGIC ASPECTS OF EUROPEAN YOUTH CAPITAL • PERIOD: the period for European Youth Capital in 2015 starts from 31st of December 2014 and ends on 28th of December 2015, with a total of 363 days • THE EVENTS LINE: the year will fluctuate with a lot of key moments, spreading hundreds of small or large actions. It will be a constant communication of activities. • KEY MOMENTS: the key moments of the year are represented by the public events, celebration moments or focus points of Cluj-Napoca 2015 European Youth Capital. • INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES AND THEIR UNDERSTANDING: the European Youth Capital in 2015 will concentrate a lot on international communication and use of foreign language. The international communication is not yet a strength of the city. • PLACES AND ATMOSPHERE: the European Youth Capital is not only about organizing events, but also about the city which ‘’holds’’ the title. This is the reason why the European Youth Capital will be present in the public space, cafes, restaurants, public institutions with informing stands, art etc. In addition, the events organized by the program Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 is not necessary to take place only in Cluj-Napoca, but also in the region (#ShareRegion) of Transylvania and even in other countries. • EUROPEAN TOPIC: the European capital also contributes to the Europeanization process. We will have specific events on various cultures and various languages like: French, German, English and Hungarian. Events in various other laguages, than those previously mentioned, will be completed on behalf of specific partnerships with institutions from other countries or Youth Capitals. • COMMUNICATION & PR: communication is considered as important as the events. Therefore, the European Youth Capital will focus on the editorial content, on communication through a wide range of channels (own print, press, online media, social network). • PARTICIPATION: youth participation in co-creating the youth capital represents the strategic key of our program. Participative events are based in general on youngsters’ ideas and the majority of them are small events that take place not only in the city centre, but also on outskirts. • PARTNERSHIPS: The program wants to become the ideal solution concerning partnerships and building networks through partnerships. Last but not least, these relationships can connect people at Cluj-Napoca 2015 – European Youth Capital.

TYPES OF EVENTS • MAJOR PUBLIC EVENTS: special events organized in key moments of the year 2015. Major events will attract the majority of our participants through concerts and other artistic expressions. • PARTICIPATION PROJECTS: activities and concepts which involves local community, tourists and visitors, also actions in the public space with the purpose of drawing attention on a certain subject or to change the way of thinking about public concerns. • EVENTS AND INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS HOSTING: this title attracts more international youth events, transforming Cluj into an international centre for youth. • EVENT PARTNERS: considering partnerships as a success factor, events organized by a partner organization will produce an significant increase of visibility, participation and communication. • VIRTUAL PROJECTS: participation represents also a way to connect with people from outside the city using the technology and cloud solutions. This is the way in which not only Europe comes to Cluj, but also Cluj goes to Europe. • PROFESSIONAL PROJECTS: we are working on new ways to decrease youth unemployment, highlighting youngsters’ creativity, and innovative ideas in leading to a prosperous European community. • EXCHANGE OF STUDENTS: we will generate a significant increase of exchanges between students, facilitating an increase in the interpersonal relationships between students from the city and those from abroad.

PRIORITIES • WE SHARE CULTURE, because we are the heart of Transylvania, the region with a multicultural atmosphere and incredible population. The city is a well known centre for artistic and cultural events, bringing a large number of foreigners in every year, We are part of the European culture and we want the European culture to come to Cluj-Napoca. • WE SHARE WORK, because we are the second biggest university centre in Romania, we are an academic and economic regional power, we host local branches of the best youth organizations from around the world. Our work is designed to be shared, we want to learn from Europe’s youth, we want to share from our vast knowledge and European experiences. • WE SHARE SPACE, because the public spaces need to be revitalized, occupied and brought to life again. One of the best ways to do this is by involving youngsters’ creative ideas. We want to share our personal microclimate and make it even more European than it is now. • WE SHARE POWER, because we are about 200.000 youth people in Cluj-Napoca, who already changed perceptions and perspectives and made the city even more alive. We are an asset not fully discovered, working on changing the world to the better even more. • WE SHARE JOY, because we are happy, we are glad to spend some quality time, we have a lot of fun places, where we can be together, exchange ideas, experiences, dreams. It’s a quality time, a crucial experience for us, life is not so valuable without joy and youngsters can offer a pretty good answer on how to live to the fullest. • WE SHARE VISION, because the youth is the future of Europe and Cluj-Napoca wants to be part of the future. We are the first generation where west, south, north and east Europe will form what will be Europe in the next 20-30 years. • WE SHARE EUROPEAN, because we are part of Europe, a community of over 400 millions people and being European is a way of life now, thinking and building a lasting future for us and for our children. • WE SHARE RESPONSIBLY, because the projects developed by local authorities and civil society involved in this program are as responsible as they can be. These actors can play at least the same role in the society as the companies with CSR policies. • WE SHARE REGION, because Transylvania is one of the most colored regions in Europe. Having history, natural characteristics and the most balanced climate from all European countries.

KEY WORDS • PARTICIPATION: EYC 2015 represents ideas, initiatives and youth projects from Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Europe • PARTNERSHIP: EYC 2015 is the common story for all organizations which will want to add a project, action or event • NETWORK: EYC 2015 connects people from Cluj-Napoca and all Europe • IMAGE: EYC 2015 signifies that Cluj-Napoca wins a steady place on the mental map of Europe • CREATIVITY: EYC 2015 represents the youth’s creativity, promoting innovation and adding value • INVOLVEMENT: EYC 2015 is the context to involve people in the development processes for Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Europe • VISION: EYC 2015 represents the vision put into practice by people and especially by youngsters from local, national and European community