Cities Take Lead On App Development

The ideea of a platform for cities and regions to work with the developers, creative, and entrepreneurial leaders currently operating at the intersection of innovation and cities, is something we will also approach during the Danube Conference.

Stay tuned for updates soon!

“Technology is rapidly changing the city experience, disrupting, augmenting, and generally improving everyday life. Aside from the obvious consumer-facing applications (Foursquare, Yelp, Uber, etc.) municipalities are increasingly seeking to reach residents “where they are” technologically.

Want to pay for parking? Your city probably has an app for that. Want to pay your taxes, or sign up your kid for summer camp? More and more often your city may have an app that will save you a trip to City Hall. These rather simple technological advances in municipal service provision have fundamentally altered the urban user experience nationwide and globally.

These tools certainly add simplicity to the more mundane tasks, but what about something more ambitious? Can we tackle public health issues or reform how citizens interact with public safety?”


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